Light is in your heart
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Yoga & Wellness Newsletter December

Greetings everyone! This month, I feature a yoga workshop, nidra meditation, and discounts on a few of my favorite things to treat yourself or someone on your list. Plus, free online meditations and to help you get through this busy time of year with ease. Last but not least, a cause worth supporting for Giving Tuesday or year-end giving. See the new I-House Gratitude video linked at the end of this post.

Light is in your heart
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Yoga for Healthy Necks with Baxter Bell
December 7th, 2-5 PM
Mountain Yoga Montclair, Oakland, CA

Yoga for Healthy Necks WorkshopMany of us hold most our tension in our neck. Learn how to release and strengthen this vital, vulnerable part of the body. We’ll look at common conditions such as “tech neck” and arthritis. Not appropriate for students with acute or flared injuries.

$65 Register Online

Part of the quarterly Healthy Living Series w/ Dr. Baxter Bell

BAXTER BELL, M.D. is a Family Medical Practitioner and yoga teacher.  Baxter has been on the staff of Mountain Yoga for over 18 years.  In addition, he teaches workshops and teacher trainings across the country in the subjects of yoga anatomy, yoga therapeutics and yoga for healthy aging, and is co-author of the book “Yoga for Healthy Aging,” published in 2018.  For more on Baxter visit his website. 

Highly recommended! Baxter was one of the trainers I had when I did the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program with Namaste. You will learn a lot, and be entertained as well.

NEW! Yoga Nidra Meditation with Nicolette Tura

Need a nap? Yoga Nidra may be the key to feeling well-rested. Yoga Nidra, or “yogic sleep” can be even more effective than conventional sleep.  Learn more at Yoga Journal.

My favorite yoga guru, Nicolette Tura, has a free meditation audio recording so you can experience Yoga Nidra for yourself!  I just did this meditation with my earbuds on (to not wake the hubby) before getting out of bed, and I now feel rested and alerteven before coffee!

Here are the steps to experience the yoga nidra meditation:

  1. Go to her website
  2. Click the button: Free Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation to send an email request
  3. She will email you a link to the meditation on DropBox
  4. Find a time where you can relax for 25 minutes without interruptions.
  5. Find a comfortable space such as a bed, a carpeted floor, or yoga mat with extra padding. Be sure to have layers, socks, and a blanket to stay warm.
  6. Lie flat, stretch your body out, get comfortable
  7. Hit Play and listen as Nicolette guides you through meditation, intention setting, body scan, and the special golden space that dwells within.

We hope you enjoy this experience!

Nicolette Tura and Laurie Ferris
Nicolette and I on a hike in the Berkeley hills a few years ago from my post about Tree Pose

UC Berkeley staff can enjoy Nicolette’s Workfit classes at different buildings on campus.

Wellness Discounts

These are a few of my favorite things, and now you can save by using the links below.

20% Off Banyan Botanicals Tablets

Banyan BotanicalsThis is my favorite wellness supplement company because they don’t add any artificial ingredients, coatings or fillers. I love the Triphala, Women’s Transition, Healthy Bones, and Joint Support formulas, but you can take a Dosha quiz to find out what formulas would be best for your particular needs.

Use code 20TABS for 20% off through December 4th at

Clever Yoga

Ombre No-Roll Leggings
Ombre No-Roll Leggings

This is the woman-owned business that provides the 7-Piece Yoga kit we raffle off each semester. Clever Yoga offers yoga clothing, accessories and other props at very reasonable prices. I’ve been testing a pair of the No-Roll leggings and find them very comfortable to wear as a layer under skirts and dresses. My friends joke about me wearing yoga clothes every day, but I’m most comfortable in them! I often take a class before work, during lunch, or on my way home, so I’m always ready to go!

I have arranged a 15% discount for anyone who shops at Clever Yoga. Just use this link:

FREE Shipping On US Orders of $50 or more! + Use code BEWELL for 15% discount!

Online Freebies

Health and Wellness Meditations from UCLA

My colleagues and I started a meditation break at the workplace to help us deal with work-related stress. Every day at 4 pm, we meet in the patio and someone plays a guided meditation on their phone. We all like the 7-10 minute meditations on the UCLA Mindful App. You can play them in English or Spanish on this website:

The app and meditations are free, thanks to MARC, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.

Happiness Calendar from the Greater Good Science Center

Let these science-backed tips and tools be your guide this month. You’ll want to bookmark this calendar and refer to it often because there are links to articles and resources embedded in the PDF.
Download happiness calendar for December.December Happiness Calendar

The Happiness Calendar has links to a different article or resource each day!


Oakland Movement Yoga Retreat with Jaime Patterson
July 18-25, 2020 | Koufonisi, Greece

One of my favorite yoga teachers at Namaste, Jaime Patterson, is co-hosting a retreat on a private island in Greece next summer! Yes, I know that’s a long time from now, but the best retreats sell out early and there are just 4 spaces left. Click here to learn more.


A worthy cause for Giving Tuesday or year-end giving, International House at UC Berkeley relies on philanthropic support to provide financial aid, to preserve and to protect our historic home, and to allow for innovations in programming to prepare the next generation of leaders. Consider making a gift to I-House today.

Click here to donate now

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!


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