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Yoga & Wellness Newsletter February 2019

“Faithful followers, there is no shadow of me and a beautiful spring it shall be!”
– a reading from the groundhog prediction scroll on Feb 2, 2019

My birthday is on Groundhog Day, and both Phil and I didn’t see our shadows this year, which means there are only six more weeks of winter. Woohoo! This silly tradition had me thinking about another big event happening in my world in six weeks. For my birthday, I decided to launch a kickstarter for my favorite non-profit, International House at UC Berkeley, which is also where I work. Its annual online fundraiser takes place on March 14th, but this year there is a VIP link for early access to donate. As of today, I raised $201 towards my goal of $500, thanks to some Very Important Peeps. 👏

Love, Camino StyleIf you have benefited from a yoga class that I taught, learned about a retreat, workshop, or free resource through my wellness newsletter, or if you are simply looking for a great non-profit to support, please consider making a donation of $10 or more to help me reach my goal. To sweeten the deal, I’ll send you a free “I Gave Big” sticker, as well as a “Love, Camino Style” sticker that I sell on my Camino Etsy shop. Gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated! I have a few Camino books for donations of $30 or more. If you are feeling generous and want to rub it in that I am officially over the hill, make a $51 gift. 😉  What do you say?

Below are the steps to donate:

Go to:

Enter $ amount, click Continue.
Click Browse List. Make sure you click Programs!

Choose a Program > International House
Choose a Giving Opportunity > The Fund for I-House, as pictured above.
Fill out the secure donation form and follow the steps. You can make your gift anonymous, or to identify yourself and get your free stickers, put my name in the “In Honor of” section.

You will receive a thank you email / donation receipt for your tax records.

Click to donate: 
Thank you for your consideration. 🙏

Bay Area Events

Yoga for UC Berkeley Staff
Friday, February 15, 12:10 – 1 pm
251 Hearst Gym, UC Berkeley Campus

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