Autumn Reset

Dear Friends,

Happy autumn. Here we are, six months after the global pandemic changed life as we knew it. By now, you might be experiencing screen fatigue with everything going virtual. Humans crave real connection, and we miss things like hugs and hanging out with our friends, workmates and extended family, and tribes. I’m trying to maintain a sense of balance, despite the increase in workload and new challenges popping up ever day. And just when I thought it was safe to come up for air, the fires and smoke in Northern California kept us cooped up for longer. So, pardon me if I’m not cheerful as I was in previous newsletters. One thing is for sure: wellness is more important than ever!

For an autumn reset, I am looking forward to something I’ve been wanted to try (Ayurveda Fall Cleanse), and repeating something that has worked in the past to get me back in shape (Ultimate Yogi Challenge). There are a few other wellness options below, and many more out there for you to explore on your own. What works for me might not be for everyone. Trust your wisdom, and be kind to yourself.

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